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Battery removal

I just got the Odyssey Spartan drone. The manual says to remove battery and charge no problem it doesn't show how to remove the battery or do with camera that's in the way. Also would like to know the trick for getting the charger to plug into the battery

Donald, to remove the battery you simply need to unscrew the screw holding the compartment door closed. Once that is removed you can slide the compartment door off(exposing the battery). The battery does not need to be removed to charge the drone. As you will notice on the back end of the drone there are two separate wire leads, one belongs to the drones power board and the other is the battery lead. I hope this helps. If you have any more questions please contact me at

Thank you


Customer Service
I bought a Legacy NX today and downloaded the Odyssey VR apt but it does not display a hover stop button as per the instructions. It pairs with My iPhone but that's all it does. It flies fine with the controller. Please advise as to what I'm doing wrong. Thanks.
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