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Galaxy seeker II Drone wifi

Can fly seeker with control panel but trying to connect to Samsung Galaxy s7 phone and can't see a WiFi signal from drone. Any thoughts?

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I just bought it took it out the box ready instructions and it will not connect to remote to fly

you probably are smarter than me on this but coudln't get it to connect and then realized the wires in the battery compartment were not connected.  Connected those...turned on drone...and then did the left toggle on the remote up to 12 and down to 6 and they connnected

I tried all that and it still won't connect
I tried everything that the instructions told me to do and it still won't do anything
Frank, please provide a phone number and ill call you to help you out.



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I have the same problem with the same drone. We opened "Settings" and went to "WiFi" on our i-Phone 6 and don't see the Odyssey WiFi connection from the drone at all. We tried powering it off and on several times as well as powering our phones off and on as well as turning off the phone WiFi and even tried manually searching for the Odyssey WiFi and nothing. Seems this drone's WiFi connection is very problematic.

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It's a bad drone

having the same problem as jason lombardo with wifi will not connect please help!

Same problem with Galactic II. I have searched for the drone's wifi signal with 3 different devices and can not get it. This was the main Christmas present for my son and he really wanted live video streaming. Now spent Christmas trying to get it to work with no luck! Uggh
Hello All,

Please make sure to individually submit tickets to be responded back to with your individual issues in a more prompt manner. Some Galaxy seeker 2 units may be running in to WIFI connectivity issues.  In some cases the drone might need up to 2 minutes to find and locate the signal. Some drones will display "Odyssey wifi" or "Helimax" as the wifi signal.  If your drones wifi still does not show up then you might try slightly adjusting(wiggling ) the cameras antenna to see if this helps with establishing a signal.

* If you live in an area with a lot of different Wifi signals this can possibly be an issue causing interference with the drones signal. 

Please understand this time of year is extremely busy as our toys have made their way to thousands of homes over the holiday season.  We will reply to individual tickets in the order we've received them.


Thank you

Customer Service

I'm also not seeing the wifi signal. I tried on three devices. One smartphone and two tablets.
How do we submit a ticket? Having the same issue.
I was able to connect to the drone's wifi. I had to set my phone and tablet to forget the current (home) wifi. After doing so, it found the drone's wifi. I hope this helps and works for others.

Here's what worked for me:

1. Forget  the original "home" wifi.

2. Locate a red and black wire on the right side of the drone when the drone is bottom up.

3. Push down on the white head of that wire until you hear it click or until it is pushed all the way in, it may not be connected and that may be the problem.

4. wiggle the little black antenna on the right back side of the drone when its facing up.

I hope this helped, I had the same problem for a while. Good luck.

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