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Odyssey Galatic not hovering

I just got my first Galatic drone and managed to sink it to the remote and the video to my iPhone. The instructions mention it should auto hover. I've turned on the rotors and watched it go all the way to the ceiling without my hands on the stick. How do I correct this? Thanks, Scott

Hey Scott,

Are you initiating auto take off or are you taking off by yourself? By pressing in on the left stick one time will start the motors, then use the left stick to raise your drone to your desired altitude..

Hope this helps



I push in on the stick and it climbs non-stop.
I'm sorry. I guess I wasn't clear in my initial post. That's what I'm doing. I am pushing in the left stick once to initiate the rotors. The second the rotors turn on the drone raises steadily and with increasing speed to the ceiling. I am not holding up on the stick. It is elevating all on its own just from having the rotors turned on.

 Hey Scott, Have you tried using the joy stick to correct it elevation once you've gotten it to hover? Once you've got it at a desired altitude it should hold at that relative height for a few seconds but then might need minor readjustment. 

The second I push the stick in to turn on the rotors it starts climbing. If I use the stick to halt the climb the second I release the stick it resumes it's ascent. It seems to be in love with my ceiling.
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