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How do you connect the Legacy NX to the phone?

Can't seem to figure out how to connect the Legacy NX to the phone through the VR app. I downloaded all the manuals from the website but the the VR/setup guide does not have the app setup on it.



I'm having a similar problem. The App downloaded to my phone ok, when I boot it up the blinking lights on the drone stop, indicating a connection. The camera works, but when I hit the start button in the top middle of the phone, nothing happens other than the left button moves to the bottom. Moving the button up doesn't do anything.

The remote control works fine, and the camera in conjunction with the remote control works fine. But I can't get it to run with just my phone.

Thanks for any help.

Doesn't look to me like we are going to get any Odyssey support help for this problem.  The Android apt works fine but no joy on the iPhone app.

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