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Pocket drone not flying properly

I've had my Pocket drone for less than a month and started to get a lot better flying it. Now all of a sudden it just wants to fly hard to the front right. I have to pull it fully back and left to keep it straight but then it won't keep altitude. The blades are fine and I even swapped the two B blades to rule that out. Not sure what the issue is but my once fun drone is just major headache.

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Did you try trimming?
Hay can someone tell me where could I send my pocket drone for repairs one of my motors is working And the casing melted
I returned 2 of these to the store we bought from for the same issue. I ended up getting a skyrider. I like it so much more. As for repairs, the Odyssey told me i could send it to them. Depending on the damage they said they would repair or replace and if it was found to be operator error you would have to pay. From the sounds of it, it wasn't. Good luck
After further troubleshooting the front right motor us making noises.
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